High Risk Loans in Columbus, GA

If you’ve been having credit troubles, it can be difficult to get a loan to buy a car, but there’s something you can do: get a high risk car loan. You may have also heard them called special finance, sub-prime, credit reestablishment, or bad credit loans, but it means the same thing. If you have bad credit and are considered too much of a “risk” for conventional lenders, then come to see us. Our finance offices can help you rebuild your credit and make you eligible for a conventional loan in the future through a hassle-free high risk vehicle loan. Don’t let your bad credit stand in the way of you getting into reliable transportation, ask our finance staff about how you can turn your finances around with a high risk loan in Georgia. Our finance department proudly serves drivers from Columbus, GA and beyond.

Getting Approved for a High Risk Vehicle Loan in Columbus, GA

A high risk car loan is different from a conventional loan, mainly in that it usually comes with a higher interest rate and requires a larger down payment in order to guarantee financing for the buyer. However, our high risk finance team will provide you with a loan that fits your budget and financial situation. We’ll also help you find the perfect high risk creditor so you’ll get approved for your loan request instead of turned down. Another perk of a high risk loan is that you’ll be rebuilding your credit while you make your monthly payments. We will report your on-time payments to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian to help you kick-start your credit and start toward a better financial future. Making your loan payments on time will help you reestablish your credit history and help you to become eligible for a conventional loan through a traditional lending institution in the future.

Vehicle Dealership Specializes in High Risk Financing for Columbus, Georgia Shoppers

High risk financing is not something you’ll find at all dealerships, but we are not like those other guys. Our credit team can secure you a personalized high risk car loan for you even if you have zero credit, credit damage, or credit that has been deemed “too new” for a traditional lender. We’ll find you a lending company that suits your needs and we’ll help you work out a budget that you can live with along with terms that are right for you! Don’t get turned away by another bank or manufacturer finance company; that will mean one more hard inquiry and no loan. Reestablishing your credit will with a special finance auto loan will get you into the driver’s seat of a great vehicle and you’ll be on your way to a better credit score in Columbus, GA!